Top Restaurants in USA

The restaurants in USA offer an exquisite dining experience to their visitors. Not only is the food tantalizing but the ambience and the behavior of the staff is also commendable.

They provide a diverse range of sumptuous food; from seafood to Thai, spicy meals to mouth-watering sweet dishes and French cuisine to pure veg stuff. The food is prepared by experience chefs and presented by gentle waiters. The presentation of the dishes adds up to the taste. The cascading coating of melted chocolate on top of the ice cream, a sprinkle of mushrooms on top of a pizza and beautiful arrangements of sautéed vegetables at the sides of dishes is something that forces the saliva to drip from your mouth.

The ambience of the restaurants is admirable too. The windows open up to scenic country views, some contain eye-catching displays of water life with tiny goldfish swimming around in clean aquariums while other casts a romantic glow of creamy light on your reserved table. Some are adorned with gorgeous wall hangings and pictures while others play the perfect dim music you need while enjoying the food. In fact, there is a whole load of variety in the restaurants that you can choose from according to your liking. 

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