Top Attractions of USA

Few countries in the world are blessed with bewildering landscape one that stretches across the entire country and has everything from enchanting rainforests to majestic mountains, curling rivers to desolate deserts. USA is a rare amalgam of natural and manmade marvels, with sites like Statue of Liberty and Las Vegas strip, this country is a perfect destination for globetrotters, people from all across the world visit US and leave with never fainting memories. United States of America is home to few of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, a country that covers almost an entire continent; the options are unlimited and overwhelming.

Few other places in the world offer the dazzling and whizzing spectacles that USA offers, from gigantic theme parks to vintage architecture, it literally satisfies taste buds of everyone. Swirling mountains and rivers alongside enthralling parks add to the beauty and persona of the country, making it even more special. It is a paradise for tech geeks because of the Silicon Valley, place where new and innovative ideas originate and breed each day, from the ultra-modern cities like California and New York to party spots like Las Vegas to quiet neighborhoods, country has everything and the attractions are seamlessly never ending.

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